The Hills of the Algarve (Serra Algarvia)
have chosen us

In the beginning, we did not know exactly what we were looking for, nor where. But we knew that once we found it, we would know it. That was exactly what happened when we got to Giões.

WE’VE DECIDED TO REstore THE HOUSES AND TURN OUR DREAM INTO REALITY. We saw the land online more than once and it looked too good to be true. With a little push from friends and, let’s face it, some luck, we eventually managed to close the deal.

Porta da Casa das Colmeias

The decoration was still missing, but we knew exactly what we wanted: a mix of the old and the new, the traditional and the current. This was how we’ve turned the houses into real homes.

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How it all started

The adventure started with rebuilding the two small houses next to the main house. The goal was always to maintain most of the original characteristics, as well as reusing some of the decorative pieces already there. At first the vision existed in our heads and then we started to put our hands to work with the help of local professionals. It took us roughly one year, and in April 2018 the two houses were ready.

Dentro da casa do burro
Fundadores do Recanto da aldeia
our values

Engagement and cooperation with the local people and economy 

- Making people feel at home with high professional standards
- Contribute to the common good, caring for the well being of the local population as well as our visitors
- Respect for the ecosystem, people and nature
- Actively contribute to preserve old traditions
- Integrity and ethics in thoughts, speech and action


Nature tourism

The village of Giões charms whoever goes there, with its maze of streets and alleys, its friendly people, the quietude of the hills. You will not want to miss the celestial sky, taking us back to our childhood's Summer nights, laying on our patios whilst looking at the sky, trying to find different constellations and spotting an elusive shooting star to make a wish upon.

Moments of tranquility